Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Steam Gift

Car Mechanic Simulator 2018 Steam Gift 64%
ریجین: Russian Turkish
زبان محصول:
موجودی:موجود در انبار
تاریخ عرضه: 2017-07-28
امتیاز جایزه:5
117,000 تومان 42,000 تومان

محصول به صورت خرید مستقیم انجام میشود و برای تکمیل سفارش اطلاعات زیر را برای بخش فنی تیکت کنید.

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امکاناتی که در خرید به شما داده میشود :

Features of Car Mechanic Simulator 2018:

photorealistic graphics
40+ cars to get your hands dirty with
10+ tools to help you check out cars
1000+ parts waiting for you
start from a small workshop and upgrade it to a full sized 3-lifter gem
mix of randomly generated jobs to fulfill
endless gameplay
multilevel car parking in which you can store you cars
Advanced Upgrades System (level up and spend your points to upgrades)
Path Test to test car suspension
Test Track to test car condition (or just fool around)
Race Track to test car performance
Car Auctions where you can compete with other bidders and try to outbid them
Car Paint Shop with different paint types and car liveries (or you can just paint one part to save money)
Barn Finds, where you search for abandoned cars in barns - make sure to look there for parts
Junkyard (scavenge for parts and rusty cars)
Car Editor for modders (add your cars to the game!)

New Features since CMS 2015:

seats, steering wheels and benches are exchangeable
car windows are now parts too
new repair system (smarter way to repair parts)
parts warehouse (you can store your parts in a warehouse now)
sheds (Barn Find module)
separated tires and rims (you can place any tire and rim you want)
new working shock absorber tool
new working battery charger
new working wheel balancer and changer
race track (next to test track, there is a race track with a timer)
new physics system (much more complex)
car liveries (you can apply liveries to your car)
redone paint system (you can paint each part separately, choose the paint type: matt, metallic, pearl)
modding support from day 1 (place your own cars in the game)
customizable license plates (with modding support)
customizable game music (with user music)
engine crane (tired of lifting your car up and down to disassemble engine)
creating new engines on the crane (starting from scratch)
leveling system (XP with upgrades)
new car salon (you can buy brand new cars)
liquids in car
story orders (pregenerated like in CMS 2014) next to generated orders (like in CMS 2015)
all new UI and easier controls (with rebind)
pad support
... and much, much more

Official licensed brands coming up in DLC's:

... and more

حداقل سیستم مورد نیاز
Windows(64-bit) 7 or Newer OS :
Intel Core i3 3.0 GHz CPU :
NVidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB VRAM GPU :
20 GB available space HDD :

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